Your Teeth Whitening Options and their Differences
By Lehigh Valley Center for Dental Health
May 02, 2016
Category: Dental Health

What you need to know about teeth whitening

If you’ve been putting up with a dull, dark smile it’s time to consider a teeth whitening treatment. Modern teeth whitening treatments are teeth whiteningstate-of-the-art. They are quick, easy and inexpensive, with results that will amaze you. Professional whitening treatments can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades whiter, and the results can last up to 5 years! Dr. Robert Sanford atSanford Center for Total Health Dentistry in Allentown, Pennsylvania wants you to know about your teeth whitening options.

There are many over-the-counter products available, and they may work for some people with light stains. More often, the results are not as dramatic as you would like, and the results don’t last very long. Professional teeth whitening treatments like those provided by Dr. Sanford produce the most dramatic results and last for the longest period of time.

Dr. Sanford wants you to know about available teeth whitening options and how they differ. He can help you decide what might be best for you. Consider:

A take-home whitening kit, containing custom-made trays and prescription strength whitening gel; you fill the trays with gel and wear them in the privacy of your home. Take-home whitening kits are the perfect choice if you want privacy and the convenience of whitening whenever you want.

An in-office whitening treatment, using prescription-strength bleaching gel applied to your teeth; the bleaching effect is enhanced using a high-tech light system. In-office whitening is the option of choice if you want a dazzling smile quickly because treatment takes only an hour!

Teeth whitening treatment options provided by Dr. Sanford can give you the bright white smile you’ve been waiting for. There are many benefits to a beautiful smile, and your beautiful smile starts with white teeth. Just remember, white teeth:

  • Help you look younger
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Help you make a great first impression
  • Make you look better to yourself and others

Remember teeth whitening treatments if you might have a special event coming up like a wedding, reunion, or important job interview. A white smile can make all the difference. If you are considering teeth whitening, it’s time to call Dr. Robert Sanford atSanford Center for Total Health Dentistry in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Get started on your bright new smile by calling today!


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