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For Baby Boomers like us; yes I am one of them too! Our best years are ahead of us. We can still be productive, still work full or part-time, be active, socialize, travel, explore new things, find new romance and finally ignore what others are saying; and enjoy ourselves. To have the best years ahead of us, we must plan to be as healthy as we can be. This is absolute; you cannot ignore this. Your teeth "must be" healthy as the mouth is the gateway to health. Think about it; where do you put food? - the fuel to keep your motor running. If you don't eat you die. If you don't eat right; you get sick and wither. You must be able to eat nutritious foods. Fix your teeth; get them healthy, live life!

AND Don't Kid Yourself, People Always Notice Your Smile!

A good-looking smile attracts, a bad one can keep people away. A smile is a universal sign of friendliness, warmth, and fun in any culture around the world. A good looking smile can make you feel so much better about yourself, and boost your confidence. Could your smile be your problem? Surveys show that someone who doesn't smile is thought of as unfriendly, sad or grouchy. Who wants to be around these people? An unhealthy looking smile is also recognized as a sign of lower intelligence. It's a proven fact, sad, but true.
We make it easy and comfortable to spruce up your smile.

So that you know me better, "I believe that trust is the highest honor that anyone can bestow on another. And no where else does trust matter more than in health care. I practice by the simple rule that there is no right way to do the wrong thing." Corners cannot be cut. I will respect the trust you place in me to help you have excellent dental health.

My commitment to providing excellent dental care has earned me the recognition of my peers as other dentists in the Allentown voted me One of America's Best Dentists starting in 2004. And in 2005 I was chosen in The Morning Call's Readers Choice Poll as one of the Best Cosmetic Dentists in the Allentown. Providing excellent care means long-lasting treatment results. This means that I always will accept new patients to replace those who have completed care.

"Actually getting your treatment completed quickly and comfortably to a point where you need me less, is one of my goals for every new patient."

My office is dedicated to your health and happiness and to providing you the best care available. Dentistry today is easier, better, and longer lasting. I offer 30 years of comprehensive experience in completely fixing forgotten, neglected, or broken down mouths in a process that can result in your comfort, increased confidence, make you look younger and can quickly be completed.

Unfortunately, in the present healthcare system, the best, most helpful, longest-lasting care is sometimes not covered by your dental insurance.

Have you ever wondered why?

Everybody in their heart knows really.

Just think about the teenage girl who recently died because her insurance company would not pay for her liver transplant, even though it was recommended by a panel of medical doctors. I never allow insurance plan limitations to deny your access, in my opinion, to the best and most up-to-date, longest-lasting care. Worn down or chipped natural teeth that can be made to last longer and look better with strong and conservative veneers or life-like crowns that can easily make you look at least 10 years younger are still very affordable with monthly payments.

The next paragraph following the one mentioned above : If you have dental insurance, my office will wring every last dollar from them that you are entitled to, but don't let the shortsightedness of insurance-thinking stop you from receiving excellent, long-lasting care that can enhance your life. If you have insurance or not, it doesn't matter. The best care is available.

Veneers and tooth-colored crowns can last 20 years or more. It is not uncommon for the best crowns or restorations in back teeth to last 40 years or more.

If so, it is never too late in your life to fully enjoy the rest of your life. All it takes is a decision.

And A Change "CAN" Happen In An Instant; Once A Decision Is Made.

Thank you for considering me to help you with your dental health. As a baby boomer, you have earned a free smile imaging (see immediately how good your smile can look before starting treatment) and a free consultation when you elect to have a complete diagnosis.

Many of our patients want to make monthly payments that fit into their budget, and we offer financing options. Almost without exception, if you truly want better dental health or a great looking smile, it is available and can last a lifetime.

All it takes is for you to call (610) 820-6000
Let's get started.

Live Life!
Robert E. Sanford, D.M.D.

P.S. For those who have already lost all or some of their teeth and are wearing dentures (false choppers), which is exactly what most of them look like; and eating with full dentures for most people is about as good as trying to run on a wooden leg, you must seriously consider throwing away your dentures and getting implants to hold your teeth in so you don't have to take them out again. How old do you really look after you take your dentures out? I'm sure you look a lot older than you feel. If you must keep your dentures, get implants to anchor them in securely so that your bite is strong and stable, your smile is confident, and you put the fear of embarrassment behind you, especially when you socialize. Is this treatment expensive? What are comfortable, secure teeth that you don't have to put in a cup at night, that put the fear of embarrassment behind you, and that allow you to eat any foods that you could eat with your natural teeth really worth to you for the rest of your life? You will use these teeth every time you eat, speak, smile or kiss. Can you imagine getting ready to kiss someone and worrying about teeth slipping? Even if you drive a car everyday, you will use your teeth more.

Which is the wiser choice to invest in?

The odds are very high that they will last you the rest of your life. They require no more maintenance than natural teeth, and can't get a cavity. They are like a third set of natural teeth. To a dentist with 30 years of experience and who has personally been working with implants since 1985; implants are as close to a miracle as I have seen.

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